TEFL Requirements


The TEFL Course at VLC, registered with the Jalisco Secretary of Education, is very intensive. Turning students into teachers in four short weeks is no easy task. You will be expected to work hard during the course and if you put your all into the next four weeks, you will definitely receive a certificate! 

There are only a few suggested guidelines to follow throughout this course:


1. Be on time for class. 

2. Do not miss any classes. Attendance in class is taken very seriously. Since the course is only four weeks long, important information is covered in every class period. If you are ill, please contact the teacher prior to class.

3. Do your homework. There are readings and other assignments expected of you outside of class. The discussions in class are based on the readings and you are expected to do them.

4. Participate in discussions. The TEFL Course is a place to share ideas. Often there are no clear answers to many issues in teaching, and your input will be as important as the teacher’s. There will be many discussions, and they will be much more fruitful if everyone participates. We can all learn from each other!

5. Have fun while taking the class seriously. The course is intensive, but intensive does not preclude fun! 

                                                           Smile, relax and get to know us.


If you follow the above guidelines, the course will run smoothly for everyone and it will be a rewarding experience. Welcome to Vancouver Language Centre!