Course TEFL

Teaching English As A Foreign Language 



Our TEFL Certificate Programme, offers everything you need to start teaching English effectively. The courses are taught by seasoned professionals who have a wealth of information to share with you. Our in-house practicum assignments ensure that the transition from theory to teaching is smooth and educational.


Curriculum: You receive 4 weeks of intensive training : 140 hours total, including 68 hours of practice teaching and observation.


You observe real classes and teach real students in VLC's established adult English courses and in our primary school, working under two experienced mentors. VLC's TEFL instructors are all native speakers of English; other area schools don't offer you this.  Maximum class size is 15 (usually classes are half that) so you get personalized instruction.


Courses start at the beginning of every month.


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Guadalajara (pronounced "gua-da-la-har-a") is Mexico's second largest city and is regarded as far safer than Mexico City and border cities. Guadalajara is situated in the highlands in the heart of the country where the climate is similar to San Diego's . It is spring-like year round. It's not hot! (Well, maybe a little, during the summer.) 

Guadalajara is famous for its trees and flowers, its mariachi music, its wealth of educational and cultural institutions and its proximity to Lake Chapala with its large, anglo community. The city's friendly and sophisticated populace, complete bus/light rail system, safe taxis, and famous cathedrals make it a tourist destination. The opulent Teatro Degollado draws top classical musicians from around the world. Guadalajara is alive with art galleries. Guadalajara has many, many world class restaurants. It is located  near 
plantations, the source of the world's finest tequila. 

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